Sunburn usually appears within a few hours of exposure. It causes pain, redness, swelling and occasional blistering. If a large area is exposed, sunburn can cause headache, fever and fatigue.

Herbal Treatments

* Take a cool bath or shower.

* Apply fresh Aloe Vera several times a day.

* Leave blisters alone. This will speed healing and avoid infection. If the blisters burst open, apply an antibiotic to the open areas. There are a few natural antibiotics you can use, such as: Goldenseal, St. Johnswort, and Yerba Mansa. There are several antibiotic ointments that you can make yourself on the Salves & Ointments page.

CAUTION: If your sunburn begins to blister and you experience immediate
complications, such as rash, itching or fever, seek medical assistance.

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