Fainting & Shock

Fainting & Shock

CAUTION! Emotional shock is quite different from “medical shock”, which can follow a serious injury and requires urgent medical attention. If someone faints and does not regain consciousness after a few minutes, place him or her in the so-called recovery position and summon medical assistance immediately.

First Aid:
If someone feels faint, get him or her to sit down with the head between the knees. If the person has actually fainted, gently raise the legs so that they are higher than the head to encourage blood flow back to the brain. When the person regains consciousness, give small sips of water. Loosen any tight clothing and ensure that the person gets as much fresh air as possible.

Herbal Treatments:
If the person is conscious, get him or her to sip a glass of water which has been mixed with no more than five drops of Arnica tincture.

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