Burns & Scalds: First Aid, Natural Herbal Treatments

Burns & Scalds

If the burn or scald has affected a small area and damaged only the outer layer of skin, then you can safely treat it at home. Seek medical advice in the case of electrical burns.

Caution: Do not puncture blisters. If a burn becomes more painful or infected, seek medical attention.

First Aid

Cool the affected area by immersing it in cold (but not ice-cold) water for at least ten minutes or until the pain has gone. Alternatively, you can use a cold compress.

Once the pain has gone, cover loosely with a clean, dry dressing. Avoid fluffy material which can stick to the burn.

If it is a chemical burn, remove any clothing splashed with chemicals and flush the affected area with running water.

Herbal Treatments

Apply Lavender oil to the burnt area, or use St. Johnswort oil. Break off a leaf of Aloe Vera and apply to area. Or you can make a compress by wetting a gauze in distilled witch hazel and gently bind it to the burnt area.

An infusion of Comfrey, cooled and applied as a compress, is another effective remedy. Comfrey ointment can also be applied.

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