Amaranth (Amaranthus spp.)

Amaranth Identification: Amaranth are coarse, hairy weeds with stout stems. Numerous species; the ones shown here are Amaranthus retroflexus (Pigweed). The leaves are dull green, ovate to lance-shaped, long-stalked; the dense and bristly flower clusters appear from August – October. This annual plant grows from 6 to 24 inches.

Habitat: Roadsides, fields, waste ground, in most of the eastern United States and parts of Canada.

Parts Used: Tender leaves and seeds.

Harvest: Late spring through fall (leaves); Fall through early winter (seeds).

Uses: Cooked green, salad, flour. The tender leaves can be boiled for
10 to 15 minutes. or added to salads. The tiny black seeds make a nutritious flour.

Nutrients (Per 100 grams)

Calories – 42 Phosphorus – 74 mg Riboflavin – 0.24 mg
Protein – 3.7 grams Iron – 5.6 mg Niacin – 1.2 mg
Fat – 0.4 grams Potassium – 411 mg Vitamin A – 1,600 IU
Calcium – 313 mg Thiamin – 0.05 mg Vitamin C – 65 mg

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