This Herbal Encyclopedia is intended to be a source of reference, to be used by those who need detailed information concerning the medicinal uses and history of botanicals. It is recorded that Herbs have been used for the past 4500 years in one form or another. Ancient clay tablets have revealed the Sumerians used them, as well as the Egyptians and Romans. The Native American Indians, according to modern science, are on record as being far more ancient than any of those above mentioned. They used herbal medicines extensively and much of their culture has been devoted to the art of healing.

In our present society, there has been  a renewed interest in the medical properties of plants. We live in a world where the damaging effects of food processing, overmedication, and malpractice are becoming more evident on a daily basis. Our population is starting to use new products based on plant life. Alternative medicines, veterinary remedies, even meat substitutes are being made from botanicals.

Out of an estimated 1 to 1- 1/ 2 million plant species on our earth, only about 300,000 have been properly named and described and only a  few thousand have been thoroughly investigated for medicinal purposes. Now the world’s areas where plants flourish, are being destroyed. Not only are the plants vanishing, but they are taking their secrets with them.

It is the purpose of this encyclopedia to make available in the greatest detail possible, all aspects of each individual herb catalogued.  History, where found, botanical and scientific names, common names, medical uses, common uses, chemical content, contraindications, methods of preparation, folk lore, etc.

The information on this web site is meant for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases. Please see a qualified healthcare professional if you have any questions regarding your health.